Swingy Lace

I’m back it’s been a while since my last post. Sorry, I’ve been busy with my daughter duties. :) Here's my outfit,  I mixed the trend right now which is the lace and chiffon, they are my latest addiction. Haha! Black lace top with a skirt made of chiffon material to look pretty casual.   

For me, laces seem smart and quite formal, do you agree? 

My arms became dramatic with the laces. Haha!
My new cutie ribbon semi- formal heels. ;)

Jona xx


Summer 2012

Here is my first photo for my blog. This photo was taken during summer in my hometown, Bataan. Since, my relatives visited us we went to Bataan’s famous Mt. Samat. I had a chance to pose and took a photo. This is an ideal place to have photo shoots or test shots.  

Jona xx

Welcome To My First Blog Post!

I am so happy I have already created a new blog in blogger.com