Hello! Happy weekends everyone, it’s the last week of my month, time is really fast. It will be a busy week for me because I will move- in to my new unit in Makati. I have to arrange all my stuffs plus it will also be my first day in school again. :) Good luck to me.
Here is my outfit, I also love prints but it depends, I wore a plain dress and leopard print blazer for the dress not look boring. Swear, this is the comfiest blazer I have ever worn so far.

Jona xx 


Back Pleats

Hi gals, I’m happy to tell that SoFA accepted me, now, I have to arrange whatever things must be arranged. :D That’s the reason why I’ve been going to Manila every now and then for myself and my family stuffs. And so, here is my outfit, as I said in my previous blogged that I’m fun of wearing chiffon material clothes. My top is made of chiffon which I paired with bandage skirt to look sexy though I’m not! Hahaha! (I know, many of my friends are kontra so I said I’m not sexy and I know it. Haha! :))

I like the pleats at the back.

This is my on the go watch. Haha! I wore it whatever my outfit is.   

P.S. All items I wore are from our boutique except for the watch. If you want to order them just contact me thru email: jona.buenaventura@yahoo.com J

Jona xx



Hello guys, how’s your first week of ber month going, for me, quite exhausted as if. Haha! I’ve been watching this new series named “Suits” I cannot stop myself from watching it. Anyway let’s talk about the outfit I wore, I am fun of wearing wide belt nowadays I don’t know why maybe because of my top, If I will not wear the belt I look like a pregnant woman who’s about to give birth. Hahaha! FYI, my mom was the one who said that.

What I love in this outfit is the clutch it’s actually my mom’s. Haha!  

Here is the closer look of my “vintage” necklace. ;))

My comfy low heeled shoes I ever have. :)

Jona xx


Old Stuffs

Hi again it’s been a week I guess since my last post. How are you guys? It's September and it is my birth month. :)) Oh well, just ask my birthdate not my age. Haha! I know time now will go fast as they say but fashion isn’t. Agree? Anyways, let's go to my outfit as my title says old stuffs, most of my outfit are my old stuffs already.

What I love the most in my outfit is my necklace, I don’t know why. Haha! You’ll see in my next blog post I wore it again.

I matched my belt ooppss my mom’s belt with my necklace to make my cropped pants attractive. I’m wearing again my favorite boyfriend watch. :) 

This is one of my very old heels that never fail me. I love the style of it and of course the quality.

Jona xx