Back Pleats

Hi gals, I’m happy to tell that SoFA accepted me, now, I have to arrange whatever things must be arranged. :D That’s the reason why I’ve been going to Manila every now and then for myself and my family stuffs. And so, here is my outfit, as I said in my previous blogged that I’m fun of wearing chiffon material clothes. My top is made of chiffon which I paired with bandage skirt to look sexy though I’m not! Hahaha! (I know, many of my friends are kontra so I said I’m not sexy and I know it. Haha! :))

I like the pleats at the back.

This is my on the go watch. Haha! I wore it whatever my outfit is.   

P.S. All items I wore are from our boutique except for the watch. If you want to order them just contact me thru email: jona.buenaventura@yahoo.com J

Jona xx

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