Old Stuffs

Hi again it’s been a week I guess since my last post. How are you guys? It's September and it is my birth month. :)) Oh well, just ask my birthdate not my age. Haha! I know time now will go fast as they say but fashion isn’t. Agree? Anyways, let's go to my outfit as my title says old stuffs, most of my outfit are my old stuffs already.

What I love the most in my outfit is my necklace, I don’t know why. Haha! You’ll see in my next blog post I wore it again.

I matched my belt ooppss my mom’s belt with my necklace to make my cropped pants attractive. I’m wearing again my favorite boyfriend watch. :) 

This is one of my very old heels that never fail me. I love the style of it and of course the quality.

Jona xx

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